What is 900 Marketplace

900 Marketplace originated at the 900 building at 900 Rutter Ave Forty Fort, PA in August, 2017.

Since the inaugural event, the market has been held every other month. With the exception of a few added bonus shows in between.

“On the Road” shows are scheduled for 2019, which will be held away from the 900 building, but the name still remains 900 Marketplace. You might see “NEPA CraftWorks llc” associated with 900 Marketplace events. This is the registered legal name for all 900 Marketplace shows. 900 Marketplace and NEPA CraftWorks llc are not affiliated with any other Marketplace, craft show, or market. All 900 Marketplace shows are planned, produced, promoted, and executed by myself, Shylo Egenski.

Events are for hand crafted jewelry, sculpture, prints, food, skin care, fiber art, fine art, contemporary art, musicians, antiques, vintage clothing, and food trucks. 900 shows will not contain direct sales, mass produced items, country crafts, and the like. 900 Marketplace strives to provide a show where like minded artists can sell their craft without the competition of lower priced items and items that can be purchased at retail.

If you are interested in attending a 900 Marketplace show as a patron, please look for event dates under the event section on the Facebook Page. In the bio on the Instagram page. Or in the drop down menu at the top of the page.

Vendor applications can be found Here.

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