Charitable Contributions

While NEPA CraftWorks, llc is not a non profit organization, efforts are made to raise money to be donated to different charities at each show. NEPA CraftWorks often invites Maine Source Party Warehouse to donate a food item to raise money for non profit organizations. At the summer events at 900 Rutter, Maine Source setContinue reading “Charitable Contributions”

What is 900 Marketplace

900 Marketplace originated at the 900 building at 900 Rutter Ave Forty Fort, PA in August, 2017. Since the inaugural event, the market has been held every other month. With the exception of a few added bonus shows in between. “On the Road” shows are scheduled for 2019, which will be held away from theContinue reading “What is 900 Marketplace”

Required Permits/Licenses

A required Forty Fort Solicitation license is provided with your booth fee. NEPA Craftworks. LLC carries event insurance for all shows. Any other permits, licenses, insurance, and tax collection is the sole responsibility of the vendor. All food vendors must have all the proper permits and their own liability insurance for any food related claims.Continue reading “Required Permits/Licenses”

Vendor Facts & Application Info

Show Requirements: Tent Weights. A minimum of 40lbs per leg. Those displaying without proper tent weights will be asked to take their tent down. Professional booth display Professional behavior ¬†Cleanliness of booth area Apply on time Have any required licenses needed to make/sell your product on hand. Floor length tablecloths are preferred and strongly suggested.Continue reading “Vendor Facts & Application Info”